Where to Find Us

Each Friday we set up at Outpost (4813 Forest Hill Ave) from 5-7pm. Bring home our bagels, homemade cream cheeses and spreads! 

We serve deeeelicious bagel sandwiches all over the place on weekends. Click here for our weekend calendar.


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Q. Do you have a store?

A: We currently don't have a physical retail location.  We serve at farmer's markets, pop-ups, and we can do larger Orders.

Check the Where to Find Us page for up-to-date info.

Q: What makes your bagels different?

  • Ingredients. We use high-quality, unbleached flour, seeds and sea salt. Zero artificial preservatives. Average bagels often have only white sugar or corn syrup, but we use malt. Malt has 5 different types of naturally occurring sugar compounds. Some of that malt is eaten by the yeast to create unique and complex flavors. 

  • Fermentation. Dough fermentation is a process that is often skipped for speed. This step makes for a stronger, chewier bagel, a deep flavor, pro-biotic health benefits, and a bagel that is easier to digest.

  • Hand rolling. Rolling bagels by hand means that a bagel will rest and rise happily and will give back on boil & bake day to produce a pleasantly chewy body.

  • Kettle boiling. Kettle boiled bagels are chewy with a great crust. Steamed bagels are not. 

  • Baking. Our bagels are baked on stone, instead of metal pans. Stone absorbs heat, surrounding the bagels with a friendly, ambient heat so that they can rise at their leisure. 


Q: How long will the bagels last?  I want to pick up a bunch for the week, or for a something that's not on that day. Is that a thing?

A: YES. It happens all the time. BUT, since we use no preservatives, you need to take some extra care for your bagels.


1  Nothing beats a freshly baked bagel. 

2 That said, freezing bagels extends their life remarkably well.  Freeze in an airtight bag, then thaw & toast whenever. Preslicing is a nice trick to save time.

3 Here's an article that dives deep on storing and restoring from Serious Eats: The Right Way to Toast a Bagel


Q: I pre-ordered for a month. Can I change the type of bagels I receive?

A:  When you pre-order, you chose a default variety. If you change your mind, just email us here in advance of your pickup day.

Q: Can I add cream cheese to my order later?

A: Do you want a tub of our whipped-in-house cream cheese with your pickup? Return to the online store, add the new cream cheese to your shopping cart and check out prior to pickup day at our online store.

Q: What if I can't pick up my bagels one of the weeks?

A: We are unable to refund week by week. If we don't see you by the time pickup ends, we will try and leave your bagel at the pickup place for an additional day. But we recommend you find a bagel buddy who can pick up at your usual time and place in your name.

Q: Where can I pick up my bagels?

A: Click here to see our current pickup spots.




Nate’s Bagels is a bagel bakery. We make our hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels with love and care, using unbleached flour and the finest seeds and spices. Our goal is to bring topnotch bagelcraft to Richmond, to equal New York standards, but incorporate a genuine regional feel. The ingredients may be simple, but baking is an art and a science, and bread itself is ancient and life-giving. We aim to perfect the classics and make a true Richmond bagel that reflects our beautiful, complex river city. We’re a local coffeeshop loving, farmer’s market friendly, preservative free, chickens in the backyard, beers on the porch, bagel in the morning kind of company. 

"Growing up in a small town in New England, there were small businesses everywhere. I ran away from home when I was 7 and sat at Chad the car mechanic's down the road drinking a coke. That scenario resonates with me as an adult–a family business taking pride in a product and having responsibility for a space in the community. I worked in civil engineering in Richmond for almost a decade before coming to a career crossroads. We decided to start a family and a new business at just about the same moment. Now I’m a bagel engineer and I couldn’t be happier (or more exhausted)!"

                                            -Nate Mathews

For questions about ordering or about having Nate's Bagels at an event, write to order@natesbagelsrva.com.

For general business and press, contact Nate at nate@natesbagelsrva.com.