Nate's Bagels
Finally a good bagel in Richmond


We offer pre-orders for half-dozen or more bagels with 72 hours notice, plus bagel spreads, boxed coffee and bakery items. We do not yet offer prepared sandwiches or other catering items for pre-order.

We will contact within 24 hours to confirm our ability to honor your order and request payment over the phone. All pre-orders must be prepaid in order to be finalized.

For shorter notice, please visit the shop to purchase on an as-available basis.  Thank you for your patience as we expand our offerings.

Pick Up Date *
Pick Up Date
We require 72 hours notice for pre-orders.
Pick Up Time *
Pick Up Time
Weekday pick-up available 7am-3pm Sat / Sun pick-up available 8am-3pm
Bagel varieties: Plain, Everything, Sesame, Onion, Poppy, Sea Salt, Rosemary & Sea Salt, *Cinnamon & Golden Raisin (Fri-Sun only), *Nate's Bagel (Mon-Fri only), *Pumpernickel (Mon-Fri only), *Whole Wheat, *Whole Wheat Everything, Single bagels $1.50 / Half-dozen $9 / Dozen $16 *Specialty bagels + $.25
Spread varieties available in 8 oz tubs, which contain 4-6 servings: Plain cream cheese, scallion cream cheese*, olive cream cheese*, blueberry cream cheese*, Hot & Honey cream cheese*, lox & dill cream cheese**, cashmear vegan "cream cheese"**, old world spice hummus Plain cream cheese $4 / *Specialty cream cheese $5 / **Deluxe cream cheese $8 / Cashmear Vegan "cream cheese" $9 / Hummus $5
We regularly bake the following in-house: Challah ($6/loaf), Black & White Cookies ($3.50/each) Cookies of the day ($2/each), Muffins of the day ($2/each)
We offer fresh-brewed and boxed hot coffee to go: $17 / box, which serves 8-10. Price includes cups, cream, stirrers and sweetener. Please indicate if you would like to sub for non-dairy milk ($1 surcharge).