Nate's Bagels
Finally a good bagel in Richmond


We offer pre-orders for half-dozen or more bagels with a minimum of 72 hours notice, plus bagel spreads, boxed coffee and bakery items. Let us know as soon as you schedule your event, because we are able to honor pre-orders on a first-come, first-served basis according to our daily limits, as we roll your bagel orders fresh for you!

We will contact within 24 hours to confirm our ability to honor your order and request payment over the phone. All pre-orders must be prepaid in order to be finalized.

For shorter notice, please visit the shop to purchase on an as-available basis.  Thank you for your patience as we expand our offerings.

Pick Up Date *
Pick Up Date
We require 72 hours notice for pre-orders.
Pick Up Time *
Pick Up Time
Wednesday to Friday pick-up available 7am-3pm Sat / Sun pick-up available 8am-3pm (Mon / Tues closed)
Bagel varieties: Plain, Everything, Sesame, Onion, Poppy, Sea Salt, Rosemary & Sea Salt, *Great Pumpkin, *Whole Wheat, *Whole Wheat Everything, *Cinnamon & Golden Raisin (Fri-Sun only), *Nate's Bagel (Mon-Fri only), *Pumpernickel (Mon-Fri only) Single bagels $1.50 / Half-dozen $9 / Dozen $16 *Specialty bagels + $.25
Spread varieties available in 8 oz tubs, which contain 4-6 servings: Plain cream cheese, scallion cream cheese*, olive cream cheese*, blueberry cream cheese*, Hot & Honey cream cheese*, lox & dill cream cheese**, cashmear vegan "cream cheese"**, old world spice hummus Plain cream cheese $4 / *Specialty cream cheese $5 / **Deluxe cream cheese $8 / Cashmear Vegan "cream cheese" $9 / Hummus $5
We regularly bake the following in-house: Challah ($6/loaf), Black & White Cookies ($3.50/each) Cookies of the day ($2/each), Muffins of the day ($2/each)
We offer fresh-brewed and boxed hot coffee to go: $17 / box, which serves 8-10. Price includes cups, cream, stirrers and sweetener. Please indicate if you would like to sub for non-dairy milk ($1 surcharge).