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Happiness is a warm bagel. Do you have a special occasion or a party coming up? Contact us about serving fresh bagels, cream cheese or sandwiches at your event. 

Or fill out the custom order form below. 


We are literally a mom and pop shop. As we expand, we will be more able to take personal orders - for the time being we promise to do our best to meet your request. 

  • Minimum order: 24 bagels
  • Minimum 3 days notice

For an order of this kind, submit your request using the form below.

For all other requests, consider one of our pick-up locations or joining Bagel Club.

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Phone Number
Bagels available ($18/dozen): Everything, Sesame, Salt, Plain
Cream cheese available in 8 oz. tubs (enough for 6 bagels): Plain ($4), Scallion ($5)
Do you need them sliced?
(+$5 to $10 depending on amount. Slicing takes time.)
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Date Requested
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