Nate's Bagels
Finally a good bagel in Richmond


Do you have a shop?

Yup! Our shop is located in the Fan district at the corner of Cary and Allen.

I heard you make the best bagel in Virginia, but I’m skeptical… How can you prove it?

The Nosher rated our bagel as the best in the state, which we were quite flattered by.

We would highly recommend trying one and then you can tell us what you think

What kind of bagel are you?

We are a Richmond bagel, first and foremost. Being an engineer in his past life, Nate meticulously developed our bagel recipe. Nate spent 2 years serving and asking what Richmonders were looking for, all the while traveling back and forth to New York, New Jersey, and across Virginia, getting advice from the best bagel makers out there. We aim to perfect the classics and make a true Richmond bagel that reflects our beautiful, complex river city. We’re a local coffeeshop loving, farmer’s market friendly, preservative free, chickens in the backyard, beers on the porch, bagel in the morning kind of company.

Are your bagels vegan?

Yes, all except the "Nate's Bagel," which contains egg.

Do you have gluten-free bagels?

Not yet.

What makes your bagel special?

• High-quality Ingredients •

We use high-quality, unbleached, unbromated flour, seeds and sea salt. Zero artificial preservatives. Average bagels often have only white sugar or corn syrup, but we use malt. Malt has 5 different types of naturally occurring sugar compounds. Some of that malt is eaten by the yeast to create unique and complex flavors.

• Unskipped Fermentation •

Dough fermentation is a process that is often skipped for speed. This step makes for a stronger, chewier bagel, a deep flavor, pro-biotic health benefits, and a bagel that is easier to digest.

• Kettle Boiled •

Kettle boiled bagels are chewy with a great crust. Steamed bagels are not. If you’re an early riser, come look into our side door on Cary Street to see us boiling and baking as you eat your bagel.

• Stone Baking •

Our bagels are baked on stone, instead of metal pans. Stone absorbs heat, surrounding the bagels with a friendly, ambient heat so that they can rise at their leisure.

• Homemade Schmears •

Yeah, I know. I’m getting hungry, too.

Q: How long will the bagels last?  I want to pick up a bunch for the week, or for a something that's not on that day. Is that a thing?

YES. It happens all the time. BUT, since we use no preservatives, you need to take some extra care for your bagels.


(1) Nothing beats a freshly baked bagel.

(2) That said, freezing bagels extends their life remarkably well, better even than leaving them on your counter.  Freeze in an airtight bag, then thaw & toast whenever. Preslicing is a nice trick to save time but your bagel will dry out a little. To thaw a frozen bagel, leave it on your counter for 30 minutes. The finest way to thaw a bagel is to spritz it with about one dozen water droplets and re-bake at 400F for 6-8 minutes. This will get that nice crust back. Alternately, spritz the bagel and put it in your microwave for 20-30 seconds on low power. You won’t get the crust back but it will be decently soft. Slice, toast, enjoy a warm bagel.

(3) You can keep your bagels on the counter for a day or two but you’ll want to toast them. Storing them in the oven or microwave will help. We suggest this instead of storing in a plastic bag, and reviving the bagel’s softness by spritzing it with about one dozen water droplets

(4) You can keep your bagels in a plastic bag for several days and they will stay softer longer than they would on the counter, but they will lose their crust, the salt will melt, and the bagel will become bready.

(5) Here's an article that dives deep on storing and restoring from Serious Eats:The Right Way to Toast a Bagel

Who is Nate anyway?

“I ran away from home when I was 7. Growing up in a small town in New England, there were small businesses everywhere, so I sat at Chad the car mechanic's down the road drinking a coke. That scenario resonates with me as an adult – a family business taking pride in a product and having responsibility for a space in the community. I worked in civil engineering in Richmond for almost a decade before coming to a career crossroads. We decided to start a family and a new business at just about the same moment. Now I’m a bagel engineer. What gets me up in the morning now is the chance to give employees and community members a brighter life through bagels. A bagel is in a way are a uniting food. It is part of a daily routine, granting its eater the ability to quickly get on their way, yet uniquely spurring them on. I love that. I can’t wait to have regular customers who might be between classes, late for work, or picking up a bagel for a girlfriend to gain easy points, or feeding themselves and their kids for $10 just before naps. • Nate Mathews

Do you wholesale?

Not currently.

Anywhere else I can buy your bagels?

The only place you can get our bagels is in our shop… for now.

Do you deliver?


Do you offer catering?

Soon. Give us your email and we’ll let you know when.

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